1960s Project…

24 Mar

Here are the details:

Maximum 8 pages. Handwritten, but you may include pictures that are printed out.

You need to include:

  • Front Cover (with your name on)
  • Contents
  • Introduction – What was life like after WWII? Why were the 1960s a refreshing change?
  • Key facts about the 1960s (Who was the Prime Minister? What was the UK’s population?)
  • Choose one aspect from the 1960s
  • Compare that aspect to 2014
  • At the end, you may like to include a Bibliography – a list of the books and websites that you looked at


One last thing… if you find any brilliant websites, don’t forget to share them by commenting on this post. 

the people history.com


http://www.cawstonparish.info/primary_school_1954_1960.htm(School life)



Important link from Miss Cole:  http://community.dur.ac.uk/4schools/History/Primaryintro.htm



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